I Aint no Hippy....Nope.. 
Fuckin hate camping.... My idea of fun isn't layin in the dirt on hard ground.. Give me a five star hotel any day and a hot shower and the feel of crispy hotel sheets on my skin..ahhh the pleasures.. ...Like  the shitty UKULELE , some rank lookin mini guitarfound in some two bob crook tourist shop in waikiki . Four dumb strings usuallly struck with sausage fingers from some hawaiian sittin round a camp fire......BOREING as bat shit.... BUT...... The other day i was walkin past the guitar shop in Palmy and i saw this beautiful peice of equipment hangin on the wall and i instantly thought how fuckin cool it was... The DEATH METAL flyin V guitar UKULELE... the death metal weapon crossed with a hawaiian Ukulele.. Its good and bad put in one.. Seventy skins later complete with a   white leather case and all... hahahaaa.. WEIRD.. but still so good.. the good and the bad...The Pantera METAL Weapon crossed with some Jack johson playin heapa...

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