dog town this

this is jay adams.. I actually am probabl;y more amped on this than anything ive shot in a long while.. jays friends with one of my mates.. we chatted after i surfed larnies in hawaii for a few hours and after about 40 mins he asked me what my camera was , im told him about the old japanese range finder... he was intrigued...so i hit him up and go "are u cool if i shoot a film portrait of ya" he was cool as fuck...he had an 8 foot gun hangin outta this convertabl;e old bomber painted matte black...
he's the man


wes langs fuckin bad ass

wes langs fuckin bad ass from wis wild skull paintings to insaneo tattoo he did on my mate chuckys arm..
he's no gay art fag, he's pure rock'n'fuckin'roll...


cans magee

i have this little mate....looks like steven segal crossed with bruce lee..... funny little character.. all he ever says to me is "duuude im so horney"

the funny prick cracks me up to no end...i text him today and said..

"you pulled any tail on that island"

he just sent me back the below pic..

seams they like little asian dudes in hawaii who are always horney..

god bless em....!


burnin the midnight oil

these are a few shitty pics from my last trip away from my old yashica range finder and a coupla cheap arse holga slide shots, i kept the gold for my fridge but thought i'd put the crap ones on here for you cheap skates to look at.. I alsoi found some dirty old film in a box i hadnt processed in about 6 years, i threw a couple of randoms in there too... random film shit from these flintstone feet wanderin round this filthy old world of ours.. now get the hell off this shitty blog and get yaself a god damn cold beer..


friends and fiends travels and sadness

I recently was lucky enough to jump ona dirty old tin can in the air and fuck off to peurto rico thanks to quiksilver, they let me go there and shoot some cool shit with the boys and hang with dane and kelly at the event and be there for kellys 10th world title.. shit was fuckin wild man.. amongst the process ...We lost our good mate andy irons.. One of the best fuckin humans Ive ever met.... aan amazing surfer and alike a few of us a wild hearted son.. yep one of the sadder moments in any of our lives.. I wept in the arms of some of my mates i never thought i would.. shit was tough.. fuck man.. Andy and lindy found out at the same time they were havin a kid same time me and tenz did we were all frothin over at at robina conemas what seamdd a coupla months ago... and enjoyed Giraffes at CVaffe De paree in france just a few weeks ago... lifes too fuckin short man.... shit hit home for me.. Rocked me... ... It will be one of the sadder days Ive experienced>>>REST IN PEACE A.I>> We'll never forget you brother..!!

So some of these pics below i snapped on that trip to peurto rico and a photot both pic from new york 2 days ago....

I shot fuck all digital, mostly all film.. digital to me is like havin a slimy fag try and pump you in the kickor.. just plain old crook..!!!
However films like a sexy moist hot women with great breasts.. just fuckin beautiful.... all exept the photo booth are all digi's.. just a few random memories with friends and fiends...


i recieved the best book from my good friend natas in the mail yesterday...he text me and said "hey MATE check ya mail i made ya something" . the guys such a great guy but also one of the best artists ive ever known.. check even how he sends me a present in the mail.. who addresses an envelope this way.... ladies and gentleman mr natas kaupas..

inspiring shit...


the dirty bird touches down

i just touched down back in oz.... some of the things i fuckin love about gettin my sweaty nuts off that plane seat and back into my neighbourhood.
1. showerin in your own showers the fuckin best, cake ya self full off bodywash and get that slimy shit straight off ya.
2. mans best friend.... the pug goes mad when i get home.. kicks its back leg in excitement... love that shit.
3. welcome home sex..... need i say more.
4. Awaiting gifts.. new copy of stab in the post, a signed qld origin jersey off billy slater and a book made by friend natas kaupas sent from LA. gifts are the best.
5. knowing i can jump on my pushy and go check the waves from my pad.. ....in the next ten im outta here..
6. the pubs at the end of my street.. if the waves are shit Im throwin down some freight on the ponies.
7. your own bed.... ahhh feels like heaven.
8. walkin in with a stinkin travel bag full of rank sweaty, booze spilt clothes, leave them in the garage and walk into a wardrobe full of fresh new washed threads ready to be slapped on.... ahhh yess...
9. The Goldy....Aint no where better...

things i HATE...

1. i couldn't fill my customs form in properly cause i hurt my hand in a fist fight with Gun'n'roses's rodie protecting a mate, the asshole clocked me in the head.. now my hands fucked.. thanks asshole..
2. As soon as i land i think about where we should go next... fuckin A.d.d.
3. not much really thats about it..

welcome home mother fuckers...!!!


wanderin stranger

I kinda havent written too much on here of late,just throwin a few pics up to keep the 4 people that might check this once a year entertained.. ive been travellin round the world the last 3 weeks with my little band of gypsies. film premieres, parties, contests and good old fuckin times...from tonly to LA to new york and now to france. Im sittin in france now in a hotel avoidin baguets and croisants so i dont backed up as fuck but still yet to sample some of the finer wines of the region and maybe purcahse a beret if they make them big enough for my mammoth scone..i have a shithouse 40 hour journey home back to the goldy on saturday, planes trains and automobiles. i seriously could not imagine not having my ipod with me on this thing i think i woul;d thrown myself off a building somewhere round the world..anyway..this is the good times and we're fuckin lovin it... till next time i spose.. fuck i'll be another year older.. ouch....