I live in heaven, You live in HELL

I am spoilt  Fuckin wanker.
Yep i am. i get whatever i want.. 
I convinced my wife to let me drop 50 gee's on a  chevy and 20 on a  jetski cause i can. She hasn't really blinked an eye lid and maybe is just glad to get me the fuck away from her and stop anoying her. 
Today the waves were horse shit and i was hung over as fuck, after eatin some breaky down at currumbin me and chowey decided to take our ski's out , fill the front tub with ice and coronas and sit out off palmy and sip beers and talk shit for a while, float around in the middle of the ocean and drift.. just cause we could and we were bored...
This is where we live.. it's fuckin GOLD.. 
ahhh maybe we're just drunks lookin for an excuse to drink piss..mmm yeh...

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