THE 27 club


It seams 27 years old is the time to die if you're awesome.

Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and Now DASH SNOW
Dash is a new york based artist from a rich hamptons family who was an amazing photographer, graphiti artist and rebelious little fucker "yeh the mental pic above is his" . he died recently from a  drug over dose and joined the 27 club, yeh all those names above died at a young age of 27...See now howe much rad shit Jimi hendrix and Kurt cobain did by the age of 27 kinda makes you think "FUCK what have i been doing with my life" when shits kickin into second gear and you think you've gotta grip on shit. next minute too much shit in ya beak or an overload one night and ..... gone.. 
Hard-living, cop-dodging New York collage artist, photographer, and graffiti writer Dash Snow has died of a drug overdose at 27. Gawker broke the news this morning and now the Times has received confirmation from Snow's grandmother, art collector Christophe de Menil, that he passed away last night at downtown hotel Lafayette House. According to De Menil, he'd been in rehab in March and had only recently started using again.
here's a piece about Dash.
What makes the legend richer is that Dash Snow could very easily have lived a different kind of life, been a different kind of artist. Snow’s maternal grandmother is a De Menil, which is to say art-world royalty, the closest thing to the Medicis in the United States. His mother made headlines a few years ago for charging what was then the highest rent ever asked on a house in the Hamptons: $750,000 a season. And his brother, Maxwell Snow, is a budding member of New York society who has dated Mary-Kate Olsen.
Yeh he fucked off and joined the 27 club along with kurt, jimi and all the gang now this shit will make him a legend.. this weekend people be careful how much you load that beak of yours up if you're 27. you could be joinin our poor old talented soul DASH SNOW.....
that shits in the air...
be careful my friends.. very careful

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