dog town this

this is jay adams.. I actually am probabl;y more amped on this than anything ive shot in a long while.. jays friends with one of my mates.. we chatted after i surfed larnies in hawaii for a few hours and after about 40 mins he asked me what my camera was , im told him about the old japanese range finder... he was intrigued...so i hit him up and go "are u cool if i shoot a film portrait of ya" he was cool as fuck...he had an 8 foot gun hangin outta this convertabl;e old bomber painted matte black...
he's the man


wes langs fuckin bad ass

wes langs fuckin bad ass from wis wild skull paintings to insaneo tattoo he did on my mate chuckys arm..
he's no gay art fag, he's pure rock'n'fuckin'roll...


cans magee

i have this little mate....looks like steven segal crossed with bruce lee..... funny little character.. all he ever says to me is "duuude im so horney"

the funny prick cracks me up to no end...i text him today and said..

"you pulled any tail on that island"

he just sent me back the below pic..

seams they like little asian dudes in hawaii who are always horney..

god bless em....!