Single, Twin Or Quad--We'll take it

yeh I am one of those dip shits that has about 15 boards in his garage that are all pretty much the same "well kinda" most people always go ..where's your short boards....mmm.. fuck them..i kinda forgot to order them...hahaa.. My mate here  ol dan mcdonalds been makin me these fuckin kick arse fishes, singles, quad's whatever for a few years now.. you name it he can make it.. I sometimes go off on these f random ideas for twisted fucked up boards and dans the man to bang them outf for me , he just made this aleia out of balsa with a  carbon fiber bottom.. Not only is he a funny fucker on the piss, after a few he gets his wobble on pretty good.. if you need some kinda bangin fish dans ya man to order it from.. check his site www.dmshapes.com

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