Splendour in the arse

---Splendour In the Grass---
Yep it's that fuckin time again, the week before when you "for once" find yourself eatin the right foods consistant of fresh fruit and vege's, drinking lots of water and sipping green tea before bed cause you sure know that this weekend it's the greeen light to dead set tear your self a new arse hole, rip your scone clean off and have one hell of a  good time at expensive as fuck splendour in the grass in Byron....Its always cold as fuck and the filthy hippies tourists rip everyone off with crook over priced shitty gumboots cause it's always muddy as fuck. 
It Always amazes me that when people purchase a ticket to a festival or big day out like escapade they think this is an invitation to dress up like it's fuckin halloween. Why is that..? 90% of the time they look uncomfortable as fuck and plain old retarded...!! But hey if they're havin fun and they wanna look like a dipshit feel free.
 Instead of payin ridiculous prices for accomodation in byron  i have hired the services of trimmy and his crooked tours to shuttle us down and back from currumbin each day. A 21 seater couch with karaoke and an esky full of booze and 17 twisted units i call friends... Last time i hired trimmy we came back to the bus early and he was  enjoying a porn session on the dvd player alone the spooky old man.. So if by chance you're off ya scone at splendour don't try and lick my face, tell me you fuckin love me ,  have known me foreeeever , am such a good mate..cause you know that shit aint true...!!!!! or maybe you'll be pullin me outta the mud face first cause i have done a proper number on myself.. either way.. Fuckin good times...!!! LETS GO...!!!
i'm that excited i think i need to do a  poo..!!!!

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  1. HAHAHA good rant MC---- I love a good excited poo! --- wish i was heading up there