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I just got home form a 26 hour mission back from paris, went over for the tony hawk show at the grand palais in paris. fuckin wild affair. The place was so outta this world it's kinda fuckin nuts. The europe guys kicked down heavily and ran a fuckin show that would smoke any two bob shit most crew do here in ozzzy.. not surf industry or skate even just anyone for that matter. shit was messed up, took julian over and we had a fuckin kick arse time.. JW dropped in on this 30 foot ramp that scared the shit outta me "after he refused helmet and knee pads".. JDubb was grindin the coping on the biggets ramp europes ever seen... talented little fucker...hahahaa.. what a fuckin crazy trip.. yeh we ticked all the box's, saw the mona lisa, the eiffel tower, ate frogs legs and snails, drank red wine and soaked that shit up...anyway .. did the mission home 26 somethin hours which i thought was bad except my mate left 5 hours before me in paris en route to brissy except he had this crook frequent flyer points ticket had to fuckin go all over the globe and i beat him home by 2 hours..hahahaha poor prick...i am still twisted from the jetlag.....been crook in the guts and wiggin out... I'm all over the shop.. anyway.. after my "i'm not drinkin for that long" call when i got home last night i wound up at neverland in cooly with hendo and mushy for the MODERN COLLECTIVE premiere "kais a fuckin good mother fucker and makes a mean film" musics kinda wacked but the films bangin....then today woke up , enjoyed bein home again took the wife and pug down the beach in the chev... how fuckin good is bein at home.. no matter where ya live or what ya deal is.. nothins better than ya own bed.. own home town and ya own people...
All we can do is "LIVE AS IF YOU'LL DIE TOMORROW"....mc