had to test my lightmetre

I bougth this shitty camera on ebay and hadf to test the light metre and shit on it.. i slapped this crap together in 5 minutes...the cheap arse camera works i spose...


if ya got it Flaunt it

we were down on kirra point shootin some stuff with steph gilmore recently, i had my trusty old yashica film range finder in hand then this chick stumbles outta the rocks + starts dribblin some shit about her plans for mothers day, she wreaked of booze, kinda made no sense but she was interesting.. i showed her my camera and said "hey love, i reckon i should snap a portrait of ya"...so she posed and her it is...another class act from kirra.... when they made those stickers "bring back kirra" i dont think they had old love in this pic in mind...!.. anyway happy mothers day old girl...ya still got it..



i threw a plastic polaroid in the car today with no reason to shoot a roll..snapped 10 piocs, lost one somewhere omn the way home.. so here's my nine from today.. nothin flash but it is what it is.....