film lovers and undercover brothers
this polaroid android's for you..!!


shove this up your ARSE

A good old dirty stiffy
the last coupla weeks ive been fuckin around all over the cuntry, philip island, sydney, home, sydney blah blah blah.. same old shit.. had the wankers at sydney security scan my beloved G'N'R book thinking i was taking a BOMB on the plane and they took out my page marker so i fuckin lost my page i was readin on, so the flight home i spend twenty fuckin minutes tryin to find which page i was up to readin about the smackies we know as the GUNNERS.... fuckin wanker security...!!!!
took my neices to a taylor swift concert... if she stared into the air any longer after she sang a song you'd swear the rich little nineteen year old bitch was on some seriously good ACID....
bit of a kookoo bird and sounds like the most anoying shit music in the world but hey the kids dug her so i sat there and grinned and beared it.. uncle of the fuckin month...TICK.....
anyway..this is a bunch of pointless ramble on.. hope ya like the pic above of cronulla flea bag dylan haylar.. kids a funny little shit and he bulled me on two schooners ina row the other night and made me scull them that fast i gotta fuckin ice cream headache... little prick he'll keep..
that'll teach me for recruiting a young fucker thats sharp as a tack..
till next time.. have a mazz