off like a bandit

Thanks to the fuckwits that robbed us in brazil.. stole my wallet and shit.. FUCK YOU


post this......

Zilla from manilla #2

i wandered round floripa this arvo
had some beers, couldn't speak a word to anyone cause no one understands
a word that comes out of your mouth..
watched some ghetto soccer just a plain old day in a plain old wild place.
kinda cool i reckon... All these pics and the ones below shot on a Nikon d300s.
the boys at nikon let me use one to see how it runs.. things like my 64 chev.. doesn't miss a beat.

zilla from manilla

no one digs sittin on a plane for long periods of time nor 27 hours of flyin and transit , sweaty nuts, rank breathe, crook airline food, cattle class..farrrk..
halfway across the world
especially without a pocket full of sleeping pills.
i did that yesterday, landed in floranopolis in brazil.
smellin like a sack of shit, drivin round this unknown city of aparent madness tryin to find my hotel for 2 hours, no one speaks english here.. it's fucked if you speak no portugese..
anyway here i am m i made it mother fuckers.... day 1...

incase i go missing...

this aint brazil it was on my camera though

breakfast with a view


window to freedom

pack em in

workplace health and safety brazil style

kickarse creepy little pool


Im a spoilt fuck

I've been puttin dirty old filthy polaroids on here cause I'm a lazy fucker.
got sick of dribblin my shit on here so figured puttin pics up here would keep the three people that look at this entertained.
Anyway Im back..... I have 2 more days in ozzy then I'm off too brazil..
2 and a bit weeks in the south american beast that is the brazil known for it's cheep toot and wedgey lovin slizzo's so I'm takin a small arcenary of cameras to capture it as i see fit..
so stay tuned you three fuckin smackies that read my shit on the god for sakin peice of shit of a blog.. if ya bored check my friend danes website.. fucker can surf and does cool shit..


boozy haze and dreery days

washed up brain cells, stinky beer spilt carpet hell
dirty polaroid androids and tamin the wild wolf.
these are the days of our lives......


jdub tames the wolf