dirty old polaroids, grubby stinky old things..
shot with my twenty buck heap of shit polaroid camera off ebay.
on expensive as fuck 669 film.
these are of nothin special. good people. good times.
no real importance ..just cause......



Saturday Night was an interesting one.
We went a little wild, a crazy little night with all the boys goin mad, 9 of us piled into this trashy old stretch limo and headed for good old gotham city, booze flowin like there was no tomorrow we were neckin shit like we were destined to ruin ourselves, on route to our surfers paradise haunt good old elsewhere.
All crammed in frothin to get as twisted as humanly posssible, just what we do best. After about 3000 jack and dry's , shots with people i hardly knew for no particular reason ....i was fuckin Gone... layin back on the couch in the middle of stinky surfers paradise i was thinkin "i'm fucked" it was almost time to exit , it was around 5 maybe 5-30am sunday mornin who knows. The last thing i do remember was these two fuckin 80's hair metal dudes seriously rockin this Mad get up, with pure pride. These guys were not fuckin around, no wigs, not dressed up for a fancy dress party, this was the fuckin REAL deal..They Looked like they'd jumped straight outta that shitty 80's band WASP it was the best shit i'd seen all night "apart from my mate pashin this chick for 3 hours with deadset pash rash" so i stopped them and said "oy boys pose for a pic.... Here it is..
In the camera setting it says 5.36am 23/8/09.



I Love my half frame camera
Yeh this is the pic is was talkin about that wouldn't scan, me and my mate chucky g from newyork who has thsi rad little clothing label " www.thecast.com " were rollin through soho takin pics shootin some super 8 shit and i saw this news paper stand from when they snavelled filthy old saddame outta his little hole the spooky old fucker.. kinda timeless pic and paper.. Might have to wack that pic on a tee.. Love it they called him a "BUM".. so good..haha. the richest fucker in the middle east was hidin ina hole growin that scuzzzy beard stinkin like shit... funny that..hahaha



This Mornin after returning from seven back to back nights in vicco of Booze
swillin, partyin on like it was fuckin 1999 i strolled into the office .. feelin shit , like i needed to be dragged out the back , held down and hosed off with the firehouse at the back of the building cause my pores wreaked of stinky booze that was tryin to escape this peice of shit of a bodyASAP . The kind of stench that usually comes from some bum kickin with a trolly around cooly park.
Our admin girl reaches from behind her desk and tells me she found the weirdest thing and pulls out this ripped express post bag that looked a little worse for wear. I dunno where it came from but it had these old pics i took a few years ago when i was no 9-5 workin kid.. Just a travelin broke son of a bitch with not a care in the world... My favourite one for some shitty reason wouldn't scan , it was a black and white print i shot on a olympus penn half frame film camera from the mid sixties of my friend chucky G in new york and the paper stand the day they caught Sadam husien. The paper says on it "WE CAUGHT THE BUM". When that pic finally scans i'll put it up here .... kinda dig the fact one of the worlds most fucked up and most powerful leaders of the 20th centuary who tortured millions of people in iraq was on the run and when they found him he was hiding in a hole with this cool as fuck beard lookin like a sack of shit... Who woulda thought..
So here's a few pics i found in this ripped bag thismorning..

My Sadam Pic is on it's Way..

Tenz new york city



inland livin

travellin manequin head





OPen up and say AHHH

I spent the majority of last week down in Torquay, the worlds driest or then wettest then coldest then windiest place i have the unfortunate privillage of venturing too.
Don't get me wrong there are some fuckin good humans i know that live there but fuck... You get shit phone reception when the wind blows a certain way down there "NO SHIT" it seams to be a stubby short of a six pack compared to most places in oZ and do you know what i got as a gift for 4 long dragged out dredded days in torquay to take on the plane with me. THE fuckin FLU... so right now as i sit here back on the sunny Gold Coast in 24+ degrees of pure fuckin joy and i have what feels like a fuckin BUNSEN BURNER in my throat and coughin up a lung like a 70 year old man with emphysema..Yep and i'm back next week for 7 whole days. Can't fuckin wait for that.!!