FOOTY aint complete without a hip flask

PD & Irwin.."trouble that fella"
kurty Munro & Jamie thommo

I am a cheap arse or a scum bag..?
These days i never leave the house when we hit the footy without a hipflask in hand. Nothin like sneakin one of these little puppies in and buyin a bottle of coke and toppin it up with some fresh jack daniels.. none of this horse shit half nip two bob bourbons for six bones.. nah ah.. MC in comin to town drunk as fuck with my hippy in hand hurlin abuse at delany on the sideline for not pasin the ball.. yeh thats me .. one of those drunken trash bags you see at the footy and go "gee he's a wanker"..yeh thats me.... the cheap arse pourin his own drinks under the flip up seats..  fuck yeh... Watch out delany.. next game I'm takin two hip flasks...!!!!

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