burn my film away

THis is how i feel today.
Like a dirty old burnt out polaroid with freighed edges and a few loose ends.
two day piss ups and wild times at ridgemount high with wild humans isn't somethin this kid can handle anymore. the ear bashings from humanoids you see once a year are good at the time and laughable later. my livers rotting, my kidney hurts, my heads thumping.. but i had a fuckin kick arse time .. next year you can stick that splendour in the grass up your arse... unless you got another free ticket... then....lets go..!!!!!


THE 27 club


It seams 27 years old is the time to die if you're awesome.

Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and Now DASH SNOW
Dash is a new york based artist from a rich hamptons family who was an amazing photographer, graphiti artist and rebelious little fucker "yeh the mental pic above is his" . he died recently from a  drug over dose and joined the 27 club, yeh all those names above died at a young age of 27...See now howe much rad shit Jimi hendrix and Kurt cobain did by the age of 27 kinda makes you think "FUCK what have i been doing with my life" when shits kickin into second gear and you think you've gotta grip on shit. next minute too much shit in ya beak or an overload one night and ..... gone.. 
Hard-living, cop-dodging New York collage artist, photographer, and graffiti writer Dash Snow has died of a drug overdose at 27. Gawker broke the news this morning and now the Times has received confirmation from Snow's grandmother, art collector Christophe de Menil, that he passed away last night at downtown hotel Lafayette House. According to De Menil, he'd been in rehab in March and had only recently started using again.
here's a piece about Dash.
What makes the legend richer is that Dash Snow could very easily have lived a different kind of life, been a different kind of artist. Snow’s maternal grandmother is a De Menil, which is to say art-world royalty, the closest thing to the Medicis in the United States. His mother made headlines a few years ago for charging what was then the highest rent ever asked on a house in the Hamptons: $750,000 a season. And his brother, Maxwell Snow, is a budding member of New York society who has dated Mary-Kate Olsen.
Yeh he fucked off and joined the 27 club along with kurt, jimi and all the gang now this shit will make him a legend.. this weekend people be careful how much you load that beak of yours up if you're 27. you could be joinin our poor old talented soul DASH SNOW.....
that shits in the air...
be careful my friends.. very careful


Splendour in the arse

---Splendour In the Grass---
Yep it's that fuckin time again, the week before when you "for once" find yourself eatin the right foods consistant of fresh fruit and vege's, drinking lots of water and sipping green tea before bed cause you sure know that this weekend it's the greeen light to dead set tear your self a new arse hole, rip your scone clean off and have one hell of a  good time at expensive as fuck splendour in the grass in Byron....Its always cold as fuck and the filthy hippies tourists rip everyone off with crook over priced shitty gumboots cause it's always muddy as fuck. 
It Always amazes me that when people purchase a ticket to a festival or big day out like escapade they think this is an invitation to dress up like it's fuckin halloween. Why is that..? 90% of the time they look uncomfortable as fuck and plain old retarded...!! But hey if they're havin fun and they wanna look like a dipshit feel free.
 Instead of payin ridiculous prices for accomodation in byron  i have hired the services of trimmy and his crooked tours to shuttle us down and back from currumbin each day. A 21 seater couch with karaoke and an esky full of booze and 17 twisted units i call friends... Last time i hired trimmy we came back to the bus early and he was  enjoying a porn session on the dvd player alone the spooky old man.. So if by chance you're off ya scone at splendour don't try and lick my face, tell me you fuckin love me ,  have known me foreeeever , am such a good mate..cause you know that shit aint true...!!!!! or maybe you'll be pullin me outta the mud face first cause i have done a proper number on myself.. either way.. Fuckin good times...!!! LETS GO...!!!
i'm that excited i think i need to do a  poo..!!!!


I live in heaven, You live in HELL

I am spoilt  Fuckin wanker.
Yep i am. i get whatever i want.. 
I convinced my wife to let me drop 50 gee's on a  chevy and 20 on a  jetski cause i can. She hasn't really blinked an eye lid and maybe is just glad to get me the fuck away from her and stop anoying her. 
Today the waves were horse shit and i was hung over as fuck, after eatin some breaky down at currumbin me and chowey decided to take our ski's out , fill the front tub with ice and coronas and sit out off palmy and sip beers and talk shit for a while, float around in the middle of the ocean and drift.. just cause we could and we were bored...
This is where we live.. it's fuckin GOLD.. 
ahhh maybe we're just drunks lookin for an excuse to drink piss..mmm yeh...

FOOTY aint complete without a hip flask

PD & Irwin.."trouble that fella"
kurty Munro & Jamie thommo

I am a cheap arse or a scum bag..?
These days i never leave the house when we hit the footy without a hipflask in hand. Nothin like sneakin one of these little puppies in and buyin a bottle of coke and toppin it up with some fresh jack daniels.. none of this horse shit half nip two bob bourbons for six bones.. nah ah.. MC in comin to town drunk as fuck with my hippy in hand hurlin abuse at delany on the sideline for not pasin the ball.. yeh thats me .. one of those drunken trash bags you see at the footy and go "gee he's a wanker"..yeh thats me.... the cheap arse pourin his own drinks under the flip up seats..  fuck yeh... Watch out delany.. next game I'm takin two hip flasks...!!!!


Single, Twin Or Quad--We'll take it

yeh I am one of those dip shits that has about 15 boards in his garage that are all pretty much the same "well kinda" most people always go ..where's your short boards....mmm.. fuck them..i kinda forgot to order them...hahaa.. My mate here  ol dan mcdonalds been makin me these fuckin kick arse fishes, singles, quad's whatever for a few years now.. you name it he can make it.. I sometimes go off on these f random ideas for twisted fucked up boards and dans the man to bang them outf for me , he just made this aleia out of balsa with a  carbon fiber bottom.. Not only is he a funny fucker on the piss, after a few he gets his wobble on pretty good.. if you need some kinda bangin fish dans ya man to order it from.. check his site www.dmshapes.com


Elvis aint the fuckin King
Tom carrolls the fuckin king, i shot this pic of tom last friday at his pad in sydney. The mans a fuckin psyched , excited 12 year old stuck in a  fourty somethin year olds body. At this present moment as u type this ,tom is on a boat in the mentawai islands with a ridiculous quiver of  craft that would make any one who surfs get wood.. he even fuckin took a 12 foot stand up paddle board and while he was tellin me this he was rubbing his hands together with eye balls the size of golf balls.. No wonder the guys named FROTH... i take my hat off to this pipe master, father of two and all round fuckin legend. What more can say about TC... and the Quiver you see here is just the tip of the iceberg.. behind me lays another 30 or so... God damn this mans good.. even in those creepy little short shorts.....!!! Yeh Thomas...!!!!


I aint leavin the block

Nothin sweeeter than drinkin long necks and watchin the sunset from some sleazy hotel in the city... Daeno sure as fuck loves it..

I still reckon digital sucks penis.. Film's golden..
hours of slavin on photoshop or some gay program can never bring you that randomness that film can , especially if you're shootign with soem old polaroid camera with no light metre on hand...burn the digi cam and pull out ya polaroid android..
This Is our mate Kane-o....
He's a peice of work, kinda one of those friends you have where you always seam to go "you lucky fucker" , yeh he's the fuckin judge and photog off australias next top model,all round nice guy, kinda diamond every chick loves to be friends with,  he's a fashion photog who gets paid mad coin to shoot the shit out of some of the hottest babes kickin round these shores and mostly with zero to no clothes on, he surfs a twinny fuckin well and recently ventured off to south america to visit friends and surf uncrowded waves and sleep in tree houses for a few weeks.. his LIFES fuckin great.. FUCK KANE.. recently i called Kane-o to see whats up and he replied with "bro I'm home whiping my cats nose it's got the flu".... Fuck man could this guy be a fuckin better human.. JESUS... but then it all came crashing down.. he caught the feline flu off his beloved Pussy... Ahh thems the breaks ey kane-o....fuckin love this guy... I bet right now as I'm typing this he's shooting some Naked women on a rooftop instructing her to "shift her weight onto her other leg and pout this way"......... "Fuckin prick"

I recently spend 144 hours in a  hotel in bondi beach, out of those 140 hours i left the block the hotel was on 3 times. We confined ourselves to the hotel and the restaurants that were below it, kinda like we had this border around the block and we couldn't step outside it kinda like that fuckin twisted scarey movie where they won't go into the forest cause they were scared they'd be eaten alive by the demons in the forest.."ahh i dunno what it's called".. we weren't that paranoid....Well maybe.. But anyway... this is a pic of one of my expeditions... NIRVANA Liquor,gettin a case of beer  and more supplies for the Dungeon across the street... Now get BACK to the fuckin hotel for gods sake.... Kram, Hoyo & kane Skennar.. ROCK'N"ROLL baby....

NANDO's Chicken
Craig ando is one of the coolest fuckers i know.. quiet, mellow and surfs like a fuckin freak show..ando recently got this tatt in bali with JW... the thing is he surfed straight away so his little cross is kinda blotchy..good kid ..bad ink.. fuck hes good...

This ladies and gentlemen is mr Mathew Hoy.. we travel together a fair bit. 
You probably thought that you were some kinda hard core drinker, you can knock back a beer or 20 and feel no pain, you consider yourself a peoples person, someone who makes people feel good , someone who is a killer to be around...
WELL NOPE... you aint got shit on this man...!!! This guy should probably be dead.. his liver shoulda given way around 4 or 5 years ago.. i swear he's the human cockaroach.. Nothin can take him down.. We recently spent 6 LONG nights in sydney together and he drank himself into oblivian but backed up perfectly each night then awoke to be the life of the party making anyone he came in contact with have a better day and have an instant smile on his dial .. THE  guys a fuckin genius, all round Pure Ozzzie Bloke and one of the best humans i have ever met.. chances are you need to go back to square one and try again to be as good of a human as this guy.. Now get to work..!!!!.....


Smells like Teen spirit

This is JED
He's  my  5 year old nephew, He kicks around with his long locks and bangs on his drum kit all day long. Ya reckon he loves that drum kit... i think the pics say enough. YEH JED...!!


Acca Dacca & Boobs in plaster

My tickets arrived today..
Yep my mate with the big dick dropped over my acdc tickets with  a 6 pack in his filthy little mitten.
I was once this little scum bag from port macquarie, On my 10th birthday my oldies surprised me with tickets to AC-DC's razors edge tour, so as a little tacker i jumped on the XPT train from port mac  to sydney to see my rock idols go mad, see angus do his duck walk and brain johnson scream his lungs out . My aunty was always a mad rocker, she's go to aerosmith, acdc at the blink of an eye lid and rock on with the best of them and we always talked about how much we loved ACDC . SO she took me as a 10 year old tacker to the sydney entertainment centre and we saw them live.. I was hidin it , but i shed a tear as angus came out with one arm in the air and opened to thunder struck, that intro gave me goose bumps i will never forget..
 best fuckin night of my life. .. ANYWAY.. my aunty Chris passed away this year after finding out in november she had the dreaded cancer....feb 16th she left us...We were real close it broke my heart to see her go . At her funeral my cousins gave me the amazing choice to pick her one song to be played at the cemetary and i played in memory of the amazing time we had together "AC-DC's "you shook me all night long".. SO now the pic above of my ACDC ticket,  sits proudly on my fridge on top of Aunty chris's  picture displayed at her funeral... i loved that woman and i kNow she'lL be rockin out with me at acca dacc...Shows we should live every moment to it's fullest i reckon... ROCK ON.....!!!!

I aint no Oil painting....
Nope... Actually i reckon i"m an ugly fucker.. Take a look above here, this is my wife. Can you believe an ugly fucker like me pulled a hot piece of arse like my mrs up here... jesus did i spike her drink or what...do i constantly put rohipnol in her breakfast cereal.....maybe...
I reckon she's smokin hot, has crazy cans and today she had them cast for a Breast cancer boob casting to raise money for the kick arse Organisation, we had a good friend lose his mum of the horrid disease a few years ago so every cent helps to help find a cure......
But not to be creepy at all , do you know how good it was to sneak into the womens toilets today in the Quik office and take a photo of my wife with her cans out,  having another woman rub cold plaster over her breasts..  hahahaa Pretty fuckin good.. I went and grabbed a beer out of the fridge to celebrate... Cheers to that.
how good is fund raising..!!!! support breast cancer research...WE DO..!!!



"SHow me ya Money..."
Yep don't forget... if ya have that extra cash money layin around and are keen for me to spend it on some ridiculous toy, booze and other bad things.. Go buy soemthin from my website. I'll even let you know what i spend ya cash on.. I promise..



I Aint no Hippy....Nope.. 
Fuckin hate camping.... My idea of fun isn't layin in the dirt on hard ground.. Give me a five star hotel any day and a hot shower and the feel of crispy hotel sheets on my skin..ahhh the pleasures.. ...Like  the shitty UKULELE , some rank lookin mini guitarfound in some two bob crook tourist shop in waikiki . Four dumb strings usuallly struck with sausage fingers from some hawaiian sittin round a camp fire......BOREING as bat shit.... BUT...... The other day i was walkin past the guitar shop in Palmy and i saw this beautiful peice of equipment hangin on the wall and i instantly thought how fuckin cool it was... The DEATH METAL flyin V guitar UKULELE... the death metal weapon crossed with a hawaiian Ukulele.. Its good and bad put in one.. Seventy skins later complete with a   white leather case and all... hahahaaa.. WEIRD.. but still so good.. the good and the bad...The Pantera METAL Weapon crossed with some Jack johson playin heapa...