This is our friend HOLLYWOOD.
he has a good beard, likes to swill piss and can take photos of nude chicks pretty damn good..
check his shizzle out http://www.chrissearl.com/ creep around in there u might get a boner..


RAT at 383 TATTOOOOO the squeeeler

i went up to my mates tattoo shop at lunch today and snapped a coupla black and white polaroids of my homo mate Rat gettin his back piece finished, the big fag had pain killers and squeeled like a teenager losin her virginity. big pussy he is..
This bloke layin down the ink is Pommy paul.. yep you guessed it he's a pommy git from pommy land, mother fucker can swill a ton of piss at will, he seams to lose his memory quite easy though after ten or so pints. one hell of a fuckin good bloke though.. if ya want the pomm to slap a cool southern cross tattoo on ya back.. hahahaa.. go find him at 383 tattoo bundell road.. on the goldy... now piss off... my hands hurt from typing..!!!!


all my friends are WANKERS

we're not a real smart bunch are we.? nah not really.. me and my friends are mostly all a bunch of wankers.
everytime i look through photos i took of my friends recenrtly i think "what a funny bunch of wankers" not many of them seam to give a shit... good.. I heard a good thing yesterday "don't live to die, die to live"... well we are so here's a few of my friends not givin a shit.. hope ya havin a good fuckin day .. cause we are...! adios ya wanker