AC-DC & big dongas

MY friends got a big shlong.
he's also really short.. A real funny little fella with a short mrs aswell. They giggle and refer to themselves as "the little people". Dunno why he got handed out this big donger though when it's not in proprtion to his body, lucky him ey...and her.. Anyway.. His Little mrs lined up for 3 hours at this shitty ticketek counter for us a month or so ago and got us all AC-DC tickets when we all dipped out on the online gig.. the little digger got them.... she woulda made all other little people real proud.... The little people came through and put a fuckin smile on my dile that could never be whiped off. There's gonna be nothin better in this world than to see my little friend with the big cock throwin the horns in the air and jumping around like an oompa loompa when brian johnson is belting out "thunderstruck " or "ya shook me all night long" and i'm drunk as fuck right next to him "that is if the little people can see over the people in front".. I know i sure as fuck can.... We got our tickets today.. YEEEEEEEEH...... god bless the little people...

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