AC-DC & big dongas

MY friends got a big shlong.
he's also really short.. A real funny little fella with a short mrs aswell. They giggle and refer to themselves as "the little people". Dunno why he got handed out this big donger though when it's not in proprtion to his body, lucky him ey...and her.. Anyway.. His Little mrs lined up for 3 hours at this shitty ticketek counter for us a month or so ago and got us all AC-DC tickets when we all dipped out on the online gig.. the little digger got them.... she woulda made all other little people real proud.... The little people came through and put a fuckin smile on my dile that could never be whiped off. There's gonna be nothin better in this world than to see my little friend with the big cock throwin the horns in the air and jumping around like an oompa loompa when brian johnson is belting out "thunderstruck " or "ya shook me all night long" and i'm drunk as fuck right next to him "that is if the little people can see over the people in front".. I know i sure as fuck can.... We got our tickets today.. YEEEEEEEEH...... god bless the little people...


This is my neice taylah "on the right"
She's 6 years old today..
Best kid in the world, kinda wish i had the same statis.. gone are the days of bein satisfied by mum wrapin you up this shitty present and makin  shit shine with some two bob present but too a young kid it's golden, i can even remember back too nan buyin me for my maybe 9th birthday a cassette of Poison's "open up and say Ahh" and me thinkin , that god had had just opened up the heavens to me and that no matter what , this was the best present in the whole filthy little world. Thank fuck it wasn't like the one the year previous "BROS"what was that shitty song......Yep... 'when will I... will i be famoussssss"...farr out. shoooot me NOW...jesus..
What i am tryin to say here is today the look on taylahs face after she blew out the candles on her mental number 6 cake straight from the "cheese cake shop, mum and dad aint tight arses" is priceless... nowadays for me hittin the big "dirty fuckin shit bloody ahh fuck i aint old 30"... Nope a cake just don't cut it.. man i made my wife fly me the fuck to bali with promises of perfect waves and unlimited sex in chalets filled with maids, chefs and  the boys from home just 2 minutes away for partyin late at night when the romance or waves are all over.. how good it'd be to bring back those simple pleasures....tthe worlds biggest smiles, laughs and giggles over a 20 buck cake... ahhhh..I  love my neice and her innocence...
how cute is she...!!!!

Princey Kristy & Chalky

This is our friend Kristy Prince..
This chick has balls, she's my mates wife and she shaved her scone today for the leukemia foundation and raised $58,000 for  the cause.... good on her. mate she had mental locks and is a good lookin chick so she can pull the shineed oconnor look. Un like me I have a fat head and a crook mellon so to shave it off  I'd look like  a dip shit,  so good on her. Hats off  to people like kristy... Good people like her keep this place sane.. the fundraiser was out at some weird place kinda west of the goldy but you know what i did find , was a bottlo and a south african shop that sold chilli beef jerkey... Ahh what a  day.. women shavin there heads finished off with cold beers and hot beef jerkey.. sounds kinda crook ey.. But Oh god so damn good..... hahahahaaaa

THis is Jaques....
He has been best friends with Rocky for ever..
Rocky is a good bloke until he gets a gut full of piss then he becomes a fuckin pest. Don't get me wrong no ones perfect here this aint no pot callin the kettle black kinda bullshit but ey ....ROCK... We love ya bra.. but,  shit.. five to six ..mmm ...maybe seven beers down , he turns into a fuckin pest. A kinda pest that stands uncomfortably close to you when you're havin a conversation with someone "that does not involve him" the kinda pest that says random shit like he said to me  last night "mc hows ya wife, ya know she used to baby sit me"..... which she never did... "WHAT THE FUCK"... ROCKS a legend though, can drink piss take all the drugs in the world and party till the sun comes up, goes down and comes up again and still be standin still fightin on like william wallace.... so i guess this is what makes him unique.. the thing i love is,  his Best fuckin friend in this whole shitty world JAQUES NEUMAN last night was rockin this above necklace ...."I HATE ROCKY".....hahaha so fuckin gold... I sure bet ya that if my mrs did in fact baby sit this twisted fuck she'd hate him too and be sportin one of these mad necklaces but bein a twisted fuck myself , i tend to love him...
takes one to know one ey.... MWAAAAAAAAAAAH...

Last night we tore in at the titans game "yep we beat that shitty NZ team...haha" and our mate here old ash harrow "although  he plays for that shitty fuckin queensland team and beat my NSW team this year...>SHIT" he's a fuckin good bloke.. almost as good as crock.. He's a fuckin pisser.. last night after we smuggled some hip flasks into the stadium and make our coke zero bottles taste a million skins  harro bein the good old boy that he is to us , he drove us to titanium for a few , had a hell time then onto our next expedition.....then when we left we saw the new titans bus outside the NINEtanium and bein the drunken fuckwits that we are we thought it'd be funny to get  a photo of harro, doddsy and grippo next to the new bus with harro's crook scone on the bus... all the while harro's fiance was yellin "MC stop takin pics of those wankers, you're encouraging them"...harro is a good bloke like i said too bad about that  shit maroon jumper....... WANKER.....


A horse..who's shitty horse is this.....

You're probably thinkin "what the fuck is a picture of a horse doing on here" and i completely agree. So ....... the other morning bein the bright spark that i am i had the idea of towing into straddie and pulling in the pit with my fisheye water housing and snapping pics in the barrel. I loaded it up, found this film up stairs in a canaster and was all psyched to go.. Muzz whipped me into one and i fired away standin in this piss weak pit at straddie but it coulda come out ok.. The thing fires off six frames a second then....dead....... it goes flat.. battery lights up..... Gone.. it's all over.. So I thought "SHIT"..one wave and my dreams of glory go down to shit. SO today i get the roll of film out "yeh only 9 gay shots i thought" and walked into this shitty lab and got it done in an hour expecting a few pics of me standin in this pit lookin out kinda cool angle "what a wanker"... I roll back an hour later cough up 20 bones and she hands me pictures of this fucking Horse...!!!! A FUCKIN HORSE.........i don't even know anyone who owns a horse.... then i look through the roll and it's photos of my wife from like 10 years ago, it was some old shitty roll in the cupboard and Not ONE...Nope NOT ONE surfing shot... serves me right for being a dickhead i reckon.. Never again... well maybe...

Even if you do and up with photos of horses instead of pits there's nothin better than early winter mornings with the ski to whip in at straddie.. All time.. it gives me wood i love it that much.. Nothin like to homo's cuddlin each otherin wetties doing 100k's on a jetski fangin out the seaway in the dark tryin to dodge fuckers paddlin tacross that skark riddled river mouth in the morning glare..snuggled up against each other.. Proper man love....ahhhh the sweeet life....

today i rolled out to the pines and came cross the nice old peice of usa beef, the good old FIREBIRD, complete with white air brushed flames , Bonnet scoop and the All time chrome flame rims.. this thing wreaked so much of White Trash that all i could do was throw the horns at it, god damn i was hangin to see the classy bit of gear that was drivin around in this machine.. YEEEHHH ROCK ON..!!!!


I fucked off to sydney to the new Quik Shop on george street

Plain and simple.. SYDNEYS FUN AS FUCK

yeh dirty old sydney man love.. So why does everyone in bondi look so good...?. fuckin maniqured pooftas, perfect hair, mean clothes, always fuckin good. Nothins ever wrong.. No dirty flannies, tracky dacks or daggyness...mmm so i found the solution this arvo.. THESE rootop fuckers sit on the rooftops on top of bondi road and if ANY ugly, bad dressed, un-cool, daggy lookin fujkers even think of coming in the BONDI region they pluck them off with their Sniper rifle... FUCKIN PLUCK THEM RIGHT OFF......GONE... so daggy people BEWARE.. the roof top dwellers are watching...!!!!

she doesn't bite.....SHIT

This Is my cousin Daen....
I fuckin love this guy... He Quit his job cause he needed to do something more challenging.
I reckon he needs to get a  Job ASAP cause he's gettin married ina few months and I'm his best man "LUCK HIM" so if you can think of somethin that would suit him please drop him an email, he's got the personality of eddie murphy and the guys a gem , I reckon he could sell fuckin sand to the arabs..he worked for rusty for 5 years runnin shit, DC for a coupla years and is one fuckin good human... He'll KILL me for puttin this out there but i think it's fuckin funny.. email him if ya got a job he can nail "or if ya want one of the below MENTAL tallie holders" his email  is daeno@hotmail.com he has a mad RED ROCKET postie bike too... EPIC


SO thisarvo while walkin daeno's dog in bondi we stroll down to the beach with a coupla beers and we see this jap guy eatin fish and chips, harmless loner lookin guy..anyway all of a sudden the weirdo starts throwin his fish and chips all in  the air and the seagulls A.K.A rats of the sky start going MENTAL all around us so we ran for cover hoping not to cop any bird shit on ourselves.. talk about A.D.D or terets.. he wigged out , threw his  five buck chips in the air and had 3000 seagulls around him and got hammered with bird shit,   how exhilerating...!!! ONLY IN JAPAN..bird shits meant to be good luck.. FOR FUCKIN WHO... shitty excuses for bein crapped on..!!!!

So this arvo I'm walkin through this alley way in bondi swiggin a cold longy of Carlton draught and i see this pic layin in the gutter and take a close look.. it's a pic of some crook lookin couple complete with fake dior gay sunglasses cuddlin each other on the manly corso  looking like this was the pose of the loving trip to send home to the oldies.. Next minute it's laying on the ground in a  smelly alley way on bondi road, what happened.. did she run off with the milk man.? did they get deported back to the U.K..Oh how sad...hahahaaha.. funny shit...

People say "that place is shit"
Well this place is, apparently this old lady hordes peoples rubbish in bondi.. her place and bedroom must smell a million bucks... hahaha.. you'd be stoked if you were some smelly old boozer and she took you back to her pad to hook in....hahahahahaa.. Climbing out the window then over the rubbish.. hahahahaa.. GOLD

this my friends is the KINGBROWN coolers stolen generation long neck holder... OH YEH

Yeh My cousin deano is a funny fucker, he quit his old job five months ago , drinks more tallies than any human on the planet and even stole our grandfathers Tallie holder invention and sells them in bondi for $30 and made a packet out of it...Good on him... he also bought this old postie bike or like a grand , the things fuckin awesome runs on the smell of an oily rag and totally makes sense to have around bondi cause the fuckers make you pay shit loads to park in the rankest spots so he slams the red rocket on his 3mtr by 3mtr grassy nole and keeps it away from the parking meter swine and dodges late arvo traffic like evil knevil.....Good skills..Just don't let dip shits "like the nineball pictured above to ride the red rocket" and all will be rosey...


alley sliders & old farts

 This morning someone told me that a friend was leaving melbourne to escape the cold and run away with their kids & move to byron, Nowadays moving to byron is like the new age "runnin away to join the circus " i reckon byron aint got shit on currumbin, no way near as nice, it's fuckin crowded...byrons full of ex sydney wankers & currumbins just full of wankers..  plus we've got the alley..!!  WE WIN.


eleven humpty

The self confessed lover of women of all kinds mr johhny jenkins recently ordered this above Dick van Straalan twinny.. he pulled his trusty old commodore up to the DVS shed out at west burleigh and pulled out his favourite 5'6 rich pavel twinny weapon and begged good Ol' dick to whip him together a replica of his prized Pavel little rincon runner in carbon fibre.
Dick continued to yomp on his cheese and lettuce sanga tellin mr jenkins "ahh mate itll be a while , i'll do it when i get round to it".. three months later, countless phonecalls and emails back and fourth and eleven hundred skins later,  here she is.. all five foot  six inches of carbon fibre finished off with a sweet set of SEASHEPHERD twin fins... lets hope this thing goes a bit better than dicks old cheese and lettuce sanga combo ey......
fingers crossed...hahaha


Ever woken up with a random tattoo...SPIKE HAS..!

This is Spike..
He's a fuckin good bloke, would give ya the shirt off his own back if you needed it. He loves to have a fuckin great time and would buy anyone who's near him with an almost empty beer a fresh one,  he's always the last man standing. Spike went out on a bucks night not long agao and  got wild as fuck and woke up in the morning with this above tattoo "GET FUCKED" with a skull next to it...
FUCK YEH..... all i gotta say is 'FUCKIN AWESOME"...
i love this shit.. spike ROCKS....!!!!

weekends rot minds and livers

This is the posse we had for a random pub crawl on saturday that ended up  at neverland in cooly for their opening party after we all thought they'd been open for a year but oh well any excuse for a party . drunken bunch of twisted units but one hell of a good bunch of fuckers to have 300000 cold beers with..

So saturday night we had a pretty wild night from currumbin to cooly back up to surfers till all hours of the night and my mate here ol Doddsy thought he'd be a good sport and let these weirdo chicks into our cab while sittin in the front seat i hear her say to him "hey can i feel your muscles" so next minute he's ripped off his shirt and she's feelin his arms  and amongst me almost wettin my pants in the front seat she  says to him "you're all gross and hairy".. I'm no oil painting but shit i wonder if she owns a mirror at home....CROOOOK..!!. we shoulda kicked them out right there and then....

This guy could probably kick your arse..!!
This is Jessbo, he recently had his third kickboxing match and slayed the  guy in the first round, yep knocked the fucker clean out.... I reckon we need to come up with some  twisted fightin name ....mmm i dunno.. any ideas...??

This is jamie thomo.
Recently single after bein with this torturous woman for a long while, he's now a wild man on the party circuit , i don't remember snappin this pic i reckon but by the looks of them all this was around 3 or 4 am  at sweaty elsey but it sure looks like he's havina  hell time. If you know any smokin hot girls lookin to date a freshly single man that lives in the elanora region give jamie a hit on his mobat just don't tell him i gave ya the digits.

This  is a fuckin Kick arse beard.. DOUBLE FISTS for the beard

This is Christo..
he runs the establishment that has ruined more livers, broken more hearts than anywhere on the gold coast.. good Old ELSEWHERE.. he's a fuckin good man, hits a mean golf ball and makes a mental cocktail..next time your passin through the top of the stairs gettin the dirty old stamp slapped on your wrist give christo a high fives and hit him up for a flamin lamborghini.. the shit kicks your arse...

No better way to cross the road late at night after three million schooners than to fall on your arse in front of a passing bus only to be dragged off the road by the wierdo you just picked up at the pub... Ahhh good old palmy  just like the sign says as you drive over the bridge "A Warm place with Warm people"......Aint that the truth....


cause we can...some times its a shit decision

I reckon sunflowers are SHIT....
What flowers follow the suns rays as the day rolls on and one thing i never knew was they rash the fuck out of you if you rub against them. In hawaii a coupla years ago i was sittin at the Quiky house on the north shore and dane reynolds says to me "ey mc wanna go shoot some pics in a  sunflower field it looks pretty nuts" so i though "yeh why not ey, could be fun" we get there and have to hike over these shitty hedges to get in there and we dedicated ourselves to go way fuckin deep and man i looked like i had some crook sexually transmitted disease from these rancid things all over my arms and legs.. but we took in a few different cameras.. this is a pic from the lomo  somethin.. the thing takes 8 in a  sequence, this was as we were running out the rash infested heap of shit of a place... Never again...!!!!

I thought i was cool once.....
I thought "yep i need an all black board, they look fuckin awesome"
I'd seen a few kickin around and my cupboards full of all black tee's so i figured "yeh man i need  an all black shooter for my quiver" so i recruited dan mcdonald "DMS" to make me one of his killer "Cuttlefish" rounded pin twin fins with long raked out fins... 
Don't get me wrong this things the most fun thing to fang around long point breaks on and turns so well but me being the dip shit that i am got it all black, when you put wax on it , it melts off before you get to the waters edge, you have to walk down the beach with it flipped upside down like a fuckin brizzo, the wax i put on it melted off on my interior in my work car  and completely fucked the interior.. So what a cockhead i am for thinking I'd look cool with an all black board....nothin but a pain in the arse...better luck next time ey...

This Is Hamish
he slaps drums for the vines, lives in red fern and surfs when he can.. "who could be fucked going from redfern to surf somewhere shit like bondi" classic dude, loves to lung back darts and dj's up a storm with brad for extra green... The vines dj's comin to a doof doof festival near you....

THE VINES @ the great northern in byron bay
Brad strummin away while craig belts out some tunes.. good bunch of fuckers that put on one hell of a show...
New Album will be comin soon.. be sure of that..!!

this my friend brad
he's fuckin classic, he plays base in a coupla bands "the vines and "the red riders" and probably surfs more than anyone i know.. fuckin funniest guy ever . loves to sleep in shitty hotels, wear shit that you probably never would cause he can and doesn't give a fuck what you think but plays base as good as anyone..the only way to describe his is "fuckin good human"..

we went and saw the warhol exhibition and they said "NO PHOTOS"  i agreed.. i sure did... didn't take a single one not of tenz or blondie or sylvestor.....hahaa.. 


Shit Paper stacked to the roof.. Nothin sweeeter..!!!

Nothin worse than getting struck when you're out.. completely struck down with no where to run, no where to hide.. crowded nightclub..groovy bar with a communal shitter full of chicks lining up to go do pee pee...and you're standin there like some dip shit about to drop some bombs over baghdad and destroy the place only to find when you do get in there, pants around ya ankles and unleash all hell to find ZERO shit paper.. Lucky the cricketers arms "pictured above" in sydney has excess so this aint ever a problem..plenty to go round..!! 

FInchy can carry 5 schooners with ease

This is Brett Finch
He's a funny fucker, good friend of mine, has awesome yellow pegs from smokin darts like they're going outta fashion and can drink schooners "and carry them" with fuckin ease. he left the EELS this year to head south, freeze his nuts off and play for the storm. Apprently he's looking at playin for manly the only good thing about manly is the bar at the end of the courso.!


Nothin better than a pole in the shorey to hang off...

Here's a great idea.. how about we put a pole in the middle of the beach to stop people walking their dogs past this sign and when it gets ten foot and the beach washes away kids can take themselves out on it in the shorey.>!!!! awesome.. Fuck council guys must have shit for brains.!


I have a Pet deer

This is DALE RICHARDS..this is my pet deer

This Is Sarah, she recently cut her friend and bought some bright red lipstick.
This saturday night just gone we hit up our friends 30th birthday bash and sarah indulged in a  decent amount of booze, enough to curse me and her boyfriend as we left my house for an enslaught in gotham city while she stayed home telling us we were bad bad men..only we returned 5 hours later and she was cuddlin the porcelin bowl throwin up yesterdays lunch..last we heard she was spotted on the M1 freeway between burleigh and reedy creek coating the bushes with the delicious japanese feed we had at Haatchi in palmy the night before... God bless the Little people and bright red Bat Phone at Little st kilda...

Ladies and Gentlemen this is my mate JETHRO
yeh he's a funny fucker, loses his mobat alot then sends out group emails begging for his forgivness for all sins commited  and then also your mobat details, loses his mind Occasionally too but one things for sure good old jethro has one hell of a good time, i dunno where he lives now exactly, it could be on someones couch or the most off the charts crib over looking bondi italian with some super model from norway with stilts the height of the eiffel tower but do know it's in the bondi patch somewhere.. if you see this horney little fucker, send him my love..!!!!. 

The Boys at DC shoes hook the bliss n esso guys Stuff and we had a few beers with them after they banged out a pretty mental gig at the pro show at dbah this year back at their hotel and got pretty wild,  until wazzza the local dc rep's voice could be heard in burleigh from cooly so we got booted fair outta the hotel by the security..their dj is one hell of a cool cat.. if ya get a chance check these guys out live.. they put on a  pretty mean show.

Tenz got me this bangin little fishfinger lomo camera in water housing  off the lomo website for my last birthday and i hardly use the thing  that much but when ya do it's fun as hell, i swam out currumbin beachy one morning just as the sun had come up and messed around bodysurfin with it, I used aroll of 100iso velvia 35mm and cross processed it.. makes shitty small closeouts kinda look half decent and wacky.. that place is so good ..

KS....Drum Kits are that fun...

I'm shit on the drums about as co-ordinated  as a 4 year old but  don't tell me you don't drive ya car pretending to drum that intro to metalica or ACDC and think you've actually nailed it perfectly.... AS IF......

Kellys Shooters....
Funny as shit how the who worlds so interested in these little sleds kellys been shaping and riding around the place "note the one of the left is one that bob mcTavish shaped for kelly with a pretty out there tail" i took these things down to Vic for bells when kelly was on his way back from LA.  I had to bring his clubs down from the goldy aswell so he belly and him could bang out a few chips when the comp wasn't on and yep i felt like a dooly walking through Cooly airport with his boardbag and golf clubs with his frickin name embroidered on the golf bag like i was crook groupie or some shit.. Oh well the boys got to play golf and had a hell time so it's all worth it i guess.. Belly will probably tell ya he won anyway.


This is Courtney , danes girl.. She has a pet hawke which she walks around her house with on a leather glove, it flies free and kills running rabbits right near their house for food, last i heard the hawke had flown away...It was wild and she made him her pet by hand feeding it in the backyard and letting it come closer to them day by day..he's gone now.. But i'm sure it will return ......
this my friend dane..maybe the only time you'll ever see him with a tie on.

How good are are swings..?
how good are swings when you're a kid .?..especially when a guy out the point is about to pull in to a fun one. two people"young and old"  having one hell of a fucking good time..


The Funny thing is i kinda hate websites/ blogs and all that kinda shit but  i kinda thought after all the years of travelling i might aswell share my stuff and if people want them for their house or wall i"ll make them easily accessable so they can have them hanging somewhere, Like the above pic.. Some people have said to me "whats CBGB" ....Are you kidding....? the birth of punk rock, the home of the RAMONES, blondie, home to New yorks punk rock heritage and most of the best bands in the world have played this iconic place. I had been to New York about 4 or 5 times and tried to track down the Original CBGB on bowery  and my mate who lived there was like "why do you wanna find that old dump" anywsy after my 4th attempt i found it, shot the entrance, the joey ramone place sign which is put there in his memory by the new york city council and now the Whole CBGB building is gone, completely flattened "i think now it's replicated in the hard rock in vegas  even the piss troffs  and beers taps are in there" but this is the real deal, the original birth place of punk rock for NEW YORKS city and the wierd thing is i shot this on SCALA "black and white slide film" which is now non existant.. my last roll of scala i ever shot ,i shot CBGB and joey ramone place and the NYC taxi sign you se above.. Kinda iconic really...it's on whoismc.com if you're after it... PUNK ROCK .!

SO i was sitting in a bar in new yorks lower east side with good mates chuck
Guarino and ryan turner and their friend "shultz" who apparantly works for victoria secret is a wild girl and we're having a great time she is sittin there and buys me a couple of jack daniels or maybe PBR's "$2 a can" she says to me "MC is your camera ready to go" so at the time i had the 15mm fisheye on and had this basic i think it was like a canon basic Slr at the time with a flip up flash she grabs my camera and she is stitting on this blue bar stool at the bar she points the camera up her skirt and BOOOOM the flash goes up so i see this flash from down below and think nothing of it at the time. No digital then i had  a roll of 100iso velvia in and continued my travels to hawaii after new york and compiled my rolls in my backpack till i returned back to oz a month later, got the slide film all developed at home  and BOOYA.. i get the slides and here she is.. Shults Undiss and package sittin on the blue stoll at "the johnsens" bar in the lower easdt side of manhatten... A classic moment in the good times of travelling.. talk about show us ya gear... Jesus...... hahahaa. This is available on whoismc.com for purchase if this floats ya boat.. pretty clasic shit though...


why do a blog, why have a dog.?

So whats with this who is mc shit.?   
Just a guy drinkin a  $2.87 bottle of red wine  on the gold coast,
 my 9.4 kg pug snorting at my feet waiting for miss jane to wash her feet.
photos for fun,  good times on the run....mc 


play on

The Ballina seagull

Bliss N Esso crowd


Dane reynolds

Craig Ando hawaii

Joey ramone place new york city.