MODOM tail pads and shit

the boys over at MODOM www.modomsurf.com have banged up their front page on their site, they make bangin tail pads and have more wild products comin, with tommy whits and Jack perry runnin the show their shit will definatly shine. oh they also used my below shot of ando.. go check their page..


todays a Great old day

THis is my shit to do today...


DMS add in SW

my mate dan macdonald makes a wild fish,shorty, mini simmons the guys a fuckin freak.. he makes all kindsa wild craft and he wrangled me to shoot his latest catalogue one late night after 3000 cans and ablurry vision we banged it out, had a kickarse night actually, i also banged out his ads with my old peel apart polaroid film for somethin different instead the same old hi-fi surfer dude shaper adds.. He likes to drink a ton of piss and do shit he regrets.. i like him.! however the lazy chick he has in the office sits on facecrook all day and does shit all then complains she's had a busy day...please....typical....anyway. keep ya eyes peeled for more DMS adds in surfing world...


MONDAY'S are Fucked

Why is it no matter how hard or mellow my weekend is every monday morning i feel like this guy above looks.. like a dirty old sack of shit with a crooked helmet on my scone, only thing is my helmets a mop of fucked up hair that makes controllin a white pointer on a hand line more enjoyable, Ahh well lets look on the bright side of shit.. Least i made it through the weekend...!! Oh and if that bitch of a realestate chick i dealt with yesterday happens to read this "hey you negative bitch you fuckin ruined my sunday with your shitty attitude, i hope your afternoon was fucked".... till next time peeps... YAHhhhhhooooo