Acca Dacca & Boobs in plaster

My tickets arrived today..
Yep my mate with the big dick dropped over my acdc tickets with  a 6 pack in his filthy little mitten.
I was once this little scum bag from port macquarie, On my 10th birthday my oldies surprised me with tickets to AC-DC's razors edge tour, so as a little tacker i jumped on the XPT train from port mac  to sydney to see my rock idols go mad, see angus do his duck walk and brain johnson scream his lungs out . My aunty was always a mad rocker, she's go to aerosmith, acdc at the blink of an eye lid and rock on with the best of them and we always talked about how much we loved ACDC . SO she took me as a 10 year old tacker to the sydney entertainment centre and we saw them live.. I was hidin it , but i shed a tear as angus came out with one arm in the air and opened to thunder struck, that intro gave me goose bumps i will never forget..
 best fuckin night of my life. .. ANYWAY.. my aunty Chris passed away this year after finding out in november she had the dreaded cancer....feb 16th she left us...We were real close it broke my heart to see her go . At her funeral my cousins gave me the amazing choice to pick her one song to be played at the cemetary and i played in memory of the amazing time we had together "AC-DC's "you shook me all night long".. SO now the pic above of my ACDC ticket,  sits proudly on my fridge on top of Aunty chris's  picture displayed at her funeral... i loved that woman and i kNow she'lL be rockin out with me at acca dacc...Shows we should live every moment to it's fullest i reckon... ROCK ON.....!!!!

I aint no Oil painting....
Nope... Actually i reckon i"m an ugly fucker.. Take a look above here, this is my wife. Can you believe an ugly fucker like me pulled a hot piece of arse like my mrs up here... jesus did i spike her drink or what...do i constantly put rohipnol in her breakfast cereal.....maybe...
I reckon she's smokin hot, has crazy cans and today she had them cast for a Breast cancer boob casting to raise money for the kick arse Organisation, we had a good friend lose his mum of the horrid disease a few years ago so every cent helps to help find a cure......
But not to be creepy at all , do you know how good it was to sneak into the womens toilets today in the Quik office and take a photo of my wife with her cans out,  having another woman rub cold plaster over her breasts..  hahahaa Pretty fuckin good.. I went and grabbed a beer out of the fridge to celebrate... Cheers to that.
how good is fund raising..!!!! support breast cancer research...WE DO..!!!

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