I have a Pet deer

This is DALE RICHARDS..this is my pet deer

This Is Sarah, she recently cut her friend and bought some bright red lipstick.
This saturday night just gone we hit up our friends 30th birthday bash and sarah indulged in a  decent amount of booze, enough to curse me and her boyfriend as we left my house for an enslaught in gotham city while she stayed home telling us we were bad bad men..only we returned 5 hours later and she was cuddlin the porcelin bowl throwin up yesterdays lunch..last we heard she was spotted on the M1 freeway between burleigh and reedy creek coating the bushes with the delicious japanese feed we had at Haatchi in palmy the night before... God bless the Little people and bright red Bat Phone at Little st kilda...

Ladies and Gentlemen this is my mate JETHRO
yeh he's a funny fucker, loses his mobat alot then sends out group emails begging for his forgivness for all sins commited  and then also your mobat details, loses his mind Occasionally too but one things for sure good old jethro has one hell of a good time, i dunno where he lives now exactly, it could be on someones couch or the most off the charts crib over looking bondi italian with some super model from norway with stilts the height of the eiffel tower but do know it's in the bondi patch somewhere.. if you see this horney little fucker, send him my love..!!!!. 

The Boys at DC shoes hook the bliss n esso guys Stuff and we had a few beers with them after they banged out a pretty mental gig at the pro show at dbah this year back at their hotel and got pretty wild,  until wazzza the local dc rep's voice could be heard in burleigh from cooly so we got booted fair outta the hotel by the security..their dj is one hell of a cool cat.. if ya get a chance check these guys out live.. they put on a  pretty mean show.

Tenz got me this bangin little fishfinger lomo camera in water housing  off the lomo website for my last birthday and i hardly use the thing  that much but when ya do it's fun as hell, i swam out currumbin beachy one morning just as the sun had come up and messed around bodysurfin with it, I used aroll of 100iso velvia 35mm and cross processed it.. makes shitty small closeouts kinda look half decent and wacky.. that place is so good ..

KS....Drum Kits are that fun...

I'm shit on the drums about as co-ordinated  as a 4 year old but  don't tell me you don't drive ya car pretending to drum that intro to metalica or ACDC and think you've actually nailed it perfectly.... AS IF......

Kellys Shooters....
Funny as shit how the who worlds so interested in these little sleds kellys been shaping and riding around the place "note the one of the left is one that bob mcTavish shaped for kelly with a pretty out there tail" i took these things down to Vic for bells when kelly was on his way back from LA.  I had to bring his clubs down from the goldy aswell so he belly and him could bang out a few chips when the comp wasn't on and yep i felt like a dooly walking through Cooly airport with his boardbag and golf clubs with his frickin name embroidered on the golf bag like i was crook groupie or some shit.. Oh well the boys got to play golf and had a hell time so it's all worth it i guess.. Belly will probably tell ya he won anyway.

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