weekends rot minds and livers

This is the posse we had for a random pub crawl on saturday that ended up  at neverland in cooly for their opening party after we all thought they'd been open for a year but oh well any excuse for a party . drunken bunch of twisted units but one hell of a good bunch of fuckers to have 300000 cold beers with..

So saturday night we had a pretty wild night from currumbin to cooly back up to surfers till all hours of the night and my mate here ol Doddsy thought he'd be a good sport and let these weirdo chicks into our cab while sittin in the front seat i hear her say to him "hey can i feel your muscles" so next minute he's ripped off his shirt and she's feelin his arms  and amongst me almost wettin my pants in the front seat she  says to him "you're all gross and hairy".. I'm no oil painting but shit i wonder if she owns a mirror at home....CROOOOK..!!. we shoulda kicked them out right there and then....

This guy could probably kick your arse..!!
This is Jessbo, he recently had his third kickboxing match and slayed the  guy in the first round, yep knocked the fucker clean out.... I reckon we need to come up with some  twisted fightin name ....mmm i dunno.. any ideas...??

This is jamie thomo.
Recently single after bein with this torturous woman for a long while, he's now a wild man on the party circuit , i don't remember snappin this pic i reckon but by the looks of them all this was around 3 or 4 am  at sweaty elsey but it sure looks like he's havina  hell time. If you know any smokin hot girls lookin to date a freshly single man that lives in the elanora region give jamie a hit on his mobat just don't tell him i gave ya the digits.

This  is a fuckin Kick arse beard.. DOUBLE FISTS for the beard

This is Christo..
he runs the establishment that has ruined more livers, broken more hearts than anywhere on the gold coast.. good Old ELSEWHERE.. he's a fuckin good man, hits a mean golf ball and makes a mental cocktail..next time your passin through the top of the stairs gettin the dirty old stamp slapped on your wrist give christo a high fives and hit him up for a flamin lamborghini.. the shit kicks your arse...

No better way to cross the road late at night after three million schooners than to fall on your arse in front of a passing bus only to be dragged off the road by the wierdo you just picked up at the pub... Ahhh good old palmy  just like the sign says as you drive over the bridge "A Warm place with Warm people"......Aint that the truth....

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