The Funny thing is i kinda hate websites/ blogs and all that kinda shit but  i kinda thought after all the years of travelling i might aswell share my stuff and if people want them for their house or wall i"ll make them easily accessable so they can have them hanging somewhere, Like the above pic.. Some people have said to me "whats CBGB" ....Are you kidding....? the birth of punk rock, the home of the RAMONES, blondie, home to New yorks punk rock heritage and most of the best bands in the world have played this iconic place. I had been to New York about 4 or 5 times and tried to track down the Original CBGB on bowery  and my mate who lived there was like "why do you wanna find that old dump" anywsy after my 4th attempt i found it, shot the entrance, the joey ramone place sign which is put there in his memory by the new york city council and now the Whole CBGB building is gone, completely flattened "i think now it's replicated in the hard rock in vegas  even the piss troffs  and beers taps are in there" but this is the real deal, the original birth place of punk rock for NEW YORKS city and the wierd thing is i shot this on SCALA "black and white slide film" which is now non existant.. my last roll of scala i ever shot ,i shot CBGB and joey ramone place and the NYC taxi sign you se above.. Kinda iconic really...it's on whoismc.com if you're after it... PUNK ROCK .!

SO i was sitting in a bar in new yorks lower east side with good mates chuck
Guarino and ryan turner and their friend "shultz" who apparantly works for victoria secret is a wild girl and we're having a great time she is sittin there and buys me a couple of jack daniels or maybe PBR's "$2 a can" she says to me "MC is your camera ready to go" so at the time i had the 15mm fisheye on and had this basic i think it was like a canon basic Slr at the time with a flip up flash she grabs my camera and she is stitting on this blue bar stool at the bar she points the camera up her skirt and BOOOOM the flash goes up so i see this flash from down below and think nothing of it at the time. No digital then i had  a roll of 100iso velvia in and continued my travels to hawaii after new york and compiled my rolls in my backpack till i returned back to oz a month later, got the slide film all developed at home  and BOOYA.. i get the slides and here she is.. Shults Undiss and package sittin on the blue stoll at "the johnsens" bar in the lower easdt side of manhatten... A classic moment in the good times of travelling.. talk about show us ya gear... Jesus...... hahahaa. This is available on whoismc.com for purchase if this floats ya boat.. pretty clasic shit though...

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