I fucked off to sydney to the new Quik Shop on george street

Plain and simple.. SYDNEYS FUN AS FUCK

yeh dirty old sydney man love.. So why does everyone in bondi look so good...?. fuckin maniqured pooftas, perfect hair, mean clothes, always fuckin good. Nothins ever wrong.. No dirty flannies, tracky dacks or daggyness...mmm so i found the solution this arvo.. THESE rootop fuckers sit on the rooftops on top of bondi road and if ANY ugly, bad dressed, un-cool, daggy lookin fujkers even think of coming in the BONDI region they pluck them off with their Sniper rifle... FUCKIN PLUCK THEM RIGHT OFF......GONE... so daggy people BEWARE.. the roof top dwellers are watching...!!!!

she doesn't bite.....SHIT

This Is my cousin Daen....
I fuckin love this guy... He Quit his job cause he needed to do something more challenging.
I reckon he needs to get a  Job ASAP cause he's gettin married ina few months and I'm his best man "LUCK HIM" so if you can think of somethin that would suit him please drop him an email, he's got the personality of eddie murphy and the guys a gem , I reckon he could sell fuckin sand to the arabs..he worked for rusty for 5 years runnin shit, DC for a coupla years and is one fuckin good human... He'll KILL me for puttin this out there but i think it's fuckin funny.. email him if ya got a job he can nail "or if ya want one of the below MENTAL tallie holders" his email  is daeno@hotmail.com he has a mad RED ROCKET postie bike too... EPIC


SO thisarvo while walkin daeno's dog in bondi we stroll down to the beach with a coupla beers and we see this jap guy eatin fish and chips, harmless loner lookin guy..anyway all of a sudden the weirdo starts throwin his fish and chips all in  the air and the seagulls A.K.A rats of the sky start going MENTAL all around us so we ran for cover hoping not to cop any bird shit on ourselves.. talk about A.D.D or terets.. he wigged out , threw his  five buck chips in the air and had 3000 seagulls around him and got hammered with bird shit,   how exhilerating...!!! ONLY IN JAPAN..bird shits meant to be good luck.. FOR FUCKIN WHO... shitty excuses for bein crapped on..!!!!

So this arvo I'm walkin through this alley way in bondi swiggin a cold longy of Carlton draught and i see this pic layin in the gutter and take a close look.. it's a pic of some crook lookin couple complete with fake dior gay sunglasses cuddlin each other on the manly corso  looking like this was the pose of the loving trip to send home to the oldies.. Next minute it's laying on the ground in a  smelly alley way on bondi road, what happened.. did she run off with the milk man.? did they get deported back to the U.K..Oh how sad...hahahaaha.. funny shit...

People say "that place is shit"
Well this place is, apparently this old lady hordes peoples rubbish in bondi.. her place and bedroom must smell a million bucks... hahaha.. you'd be stoked if you were some smelly old boozer and she took you back to her pad to hook in....hahahahahaa.. Climbing out the window then over the rubbish.. hahahahaa.. GOLD

this my friends is the KINGBROWN coolers stolen generation long neck holder... OH YEH

Yeh My cousin deano is a funny fucker, he quit his old job five months ago , drinks more tallies than any human on the planet and even stole our grandfathers Tallie holder invention and sells them in bondi for $30 and made a packet out of it...Good on him... he also bought this old postie bike or like a grand , the things fuckin awesome runs on the smell of an oily rag and totally makes sense to have around bondi cause the fuckers make you pay shit loads to park in the rankest spots so he slams the red rocket on his 3mtr by 3mtr grassy nole and keeps it away from the parking meter swine and dodges late arvo traffic like evil knevil.....Good skills..Just don't let dip shits "like the nineball pictured above to ride the red rocket" and all will be rosey...

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