Yew Ess Eyyy

How fuckin goods the U.S of fuckin A...!!
This photo above is of my mate Mikey B, he's a funny fucker we were dribblin shit to each other tonight on skype after i had been down stairs nailin a few coors lights watchin the yankee's kick the Angles arse in the play offs tonight in the world series. I wandered across the street with a mate beau who works at quik here in the states and walked into the bottle shop to purchase a coupla night cappers and the guy behind the counter was fuckin classic. I bought the beer above sittin on my laptop "Steel reserve" it's 8.1% alcohol and the indian dude says to me in his indian accent after i askedhim what it was like "fooork man this shit is usually drunk by the foockin looocal drunks ya knooow, they smoke crack then haaave no moneeey so they drink this shit but there's fruit punch in the fridge that is 12.1& called loco".... fuckin Loco alright.. MAN... holy shit... hahahaha So i bought this good old awesome drop back to my room and necked it... yep tasted like filthy old horse arse but fuckin $3.81 for a 40 ounce beer that made me all of a sudden feel drunk as fuck... Not bad.. No wonder why you see so many fuckin twisted units in this joint.. crack for $20, 40's for $3.81.. fuckin hell it's cheap as shit to have ya self one hell of a fuckin problem..hahaha..
Jesus yesterday i went and shot a 44 magnum and glock at a firing range for $35 for about 100 bullets.. and the fucked thing was this kid was about 10 years old with his dad and the little bastard was firing a rifle.. that little fucks gonna grow up and blow some poor pricks scone off when he hits eighteen cause they pushed in the line at Mc Donalds.. FUCK ME.... hahahaha.
But AMerica is fuckin good.. Today i drove my mercedes rental "only cause i showed the old chick at hertz my sack she upgraded me" into longbeach to shoot some pics on sunset , i ended up in some shit shipping yard , i thought some crack head or snoop dogg was gonna robb me so i split outta the joint and got the fuck back on the freeway another hour and 45 minutes back to huntington but in the process stopped off at this mental little mexi joint.. sat next to this red neck lookin chick with a semi mullet, trackie dacks on and them pulled up above her belly button, i sat there with my chips, salsa, beer and dinner for $13 and let her tell me how good her tit job was for her confidence and how her husband had a small prong... Faaaarrrrk.... who fuckin cares.. I love this joint.. i think I'm movin here..

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