welcome to LAX

my eyes feel like they have had metho poured in them after the 12 hour mission to LA.
Being the dip shit that i am i stayed out nearly all night in surfers on saturday for ash harro's bucks night with the boys and stumbled in home at 5am then outta bed at 7am and got drivin up to brissy airport for my 11am flight to LA.
Stinky, dazed and confused , the kid next to me would look over occasionally and i could tell in his eyes he wanted to say "you fuckin stink man". Only managed 4 hours sleep on the flight, watched a coupla shitty movies and iciked back with my $18 spongy neck pillow and some "D" grade mags to keep me entertained.. Sleepers couldn't even kick me in the arse..
So here i sit in huntingbeach in the shorebreak hotel on the pac coast hwy room 350, black sabbath on the pod playin in the background, wonderin if i should crack this bottle of "rosenblum" red sittin in front of me . WELCOME TO L.A baby....
"i took the pic above about 4pm thisarvo of a caddy just round the corner from my hotel.. beaten up old bit of gold.."

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