the dirty bird touches down

i just touched down back in oz.... some of the things i fuckin love about gettin my sweaty nuts off that plane seat and back into my neighbourhood.
1. showerin in your own showers the fuckin best, cake ya self full off bodywash and get that slimy shit straight off ya.
2. mans best friend.... the pug goes mad when i get home.. kicks its back leg in excitement... love that shit.
3. welcome home sex..... need i say more.
4. Awaiting gifts.. new copy of stab in the post, a signed qld origin jersey off billy slater and a book made by friend natas kaupas sent from LA. gifts are the best.
5. knowing i can jump on my pushy and go check the waves from my pad.. ....in the next ten im outta here..
6. the pubs at the end of my street.. if the waves are shit Im throwin down some freight on the ponies.
7. your own bed.... ahhh feels like heaven.
8. walkin in with a stinkin travel bag full of rank sweaty, booze spilt clothes, leave them in the garage and walk into a wardrobe full of fresh new washed threads ready to be slapped on.... ahhh yess...
9. The Goldy....Aint no where better...

things i HATE...

1. i couldn't fill my customs form in properly cause i hurt my hand in a fist fight with Gun'n'roses's rodie protecting a mate, the asshole clocked me in the head.. now my hands fucked.. thanks asshole..
2. As soon as i land i think about where we should go next... fuckin A.d.d.
3. not much really thats about it..

welcome home mother fuckers...!!!

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