wanderin stranger

I kinda havent written too much on here of late,just throwin a few pics up to keep the 4 people that might check this once a year entertained.. ive been travellin round the world the last 3 weeks with my little band of gypsies. film premieres, parties, contests and good old fuckin times...from tonly to LA to new york and now to france. Im sittin in france now in a hotel avoidin baguets and croisants so i dont backed up as fuck but still yet to sample some of the finer wines of the region and maybe purcahse a beret if they make them big enough for my mammoth scone..i have a shithouse 40 hour journey home back to the goldy on saturday, planes trains and automobiles. i seriously could not imagine not having my ipod with me on this thing i think i woul;d thrown myself off a building somewhere round the world..anyway..this is the good times and we're fuckin lovin it... till next time i spose.. fuck i'll be another year older.. ouch....

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