friends and fiends travels and sadness

I recently was lucky enough to jump ona dirty old tin can in the air and fuck off to peurto rico thanks to quiksilver, they let me go there and shoot some cool shit with the boys and hang with dane and kelly at the event and be there for kellys 10th world title.. shit was fuckin wild man.. amongst the process ...We lost our good mate andy irons.. One of the best fuckin humans Ive ever met.... aan amazing surfer and alike a few of us a wild hearted son.. yep one of the sadder moments in any of our lives.. I wept in the arms of some of my mates i never thought i would.. shit was tough.. fuck man.. Andy and lindy found out at the same time they were havin a kid same time me and tenz did we were all frothin over at at robina conemas what seamdd a coupla months ago... and enjoyed Giraffes at CVaffe De paree in france just a few weeks ago... lifes too fuckin short man.... shit hit home for me.. Rocked me... ... It will be one of the sadder days Ive experienced>>>REST IN PEACE A.I>> We'll never forget you brother..!!

So some of these pics below i snapped on that trip to peurto rico and a photot both pic from new york 2 days ago....

I shot fuck all digital, mostly all film.. digital to me is like havin a slimy fag try and pump you in the kickor.. just plain old crook..!!!
However films like a sexy moist hot women with great breasts.. just fuckin beautiful.... all exept the photo booth are all digi's.. just a few random memories with friends and fiends...

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