I Have No Memory

Sunday night Was a wild one..!!
AFter flyin back in from LA saturday then getting fuckin necked at the footy then birthday bash sunday lunch for our friend, i then had my filthy old rubber arm twisted and directed in the direction of Cooly once it went dark.. To see the old Father fucker PEACHES.. Neverland the destination of this obscure night.
We jumped in the maxi taxi and all i really remember is arriving at neverland and bits and peices of the night. Not too much... I was fuckin drunk as FUCK.
I always seam to have the canon G9 handy in the back pocket for any wild shit that goes down, party pics, funny shit.. whatever.. and i thought nothin of the other night at all. I know benny and pablo loaded my gullet with shots, jack and dry's and anything that would be thrown my way. Peaches came on with her headphones on Dj-in the fuck outta the place and all i remember is ejecting.. givin the old call home "come get me i'm fuckin wasted" around midnight sunday night.
I must a wandered down the street maybe dug into the filthy old chicken hero or some repulsive late night 7-11 drunken chow cause that's where my chick got me from.
On my way home from work last night i turned my camera on in the car and looked at the last photo taken and this is it below..
I NEARLY pissed my pants with laughter..

I don't remember taking any pics on the night apart from on our way there and i get blessed with this fuckin absolute cracker, old titties out, fang missing.. bottle of booze in hand....


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