KIllin me SLowly

i kinda wonder if i am rotten myself away slowly, i just flew in from LA yesterday dropped some fuckin amazing sleepin pills as soon as i boarded that thing and knocked myself the fuck out for 11 hours after a hectic coupla weeks in the U.S of A. the place is a fuckin vicious but somewhat pleasurable beast that can satisfy your every need. Fast cars, cheap piss and wild old times. It can take a good man down at the drop of a hat. You can be a succesful machine who is quickly crippled buy the cheapness of cocaine and instantly on the end of a crack pipe as described to me by the lady who chewed my ear off any second i opened my eyes sitting next to me on my 14 hour flight , which just encouraged me to down sleepers like i was tryin to do a number on myself to be knocked the fuck out. I felt like she was standing over me awaiting my drousy eyes to open so she could show me rank photos of her cat and shit on her iphone and chew my ear about the most anoying shit. It was fuckin creepy.. Self medication is sometimes needed . After i landed in Sydney feelin a million dollars after the longest sleep i had aquired in 2 weeks olny to be told by the fat bitch at virgin that they had forgotten to put my board bag on the flight in LA only to thismorning get a text from one of the bag boys at cooly airport that my board bag had managed totake itself through customs and check itself on a flight to cooly..!!! what the fuck..!!
After the 23 hour mission to get home, Straight off the plane home bound and out to the footy with the mrs with my great little Chives regal $6 duty free hip flask in my pocket tenz and i continue to drink piss together and yell abuse at the footy like a couple of trash bags from ipswich, ended up in some pub out the back of robina drinkin double jacks and scotchs together listenin to drunken freaks try to sing jimmy barnes covers and even purchased one of those "charity" celefane warpped five dollar pink roses.. Whata fuckin romantic drunken pair of trash bags.... And Holy fuck we're good at it..
Jet Lag..?...Nope.. No such thing.. today birthday party at 1pm , tonight PEaches at neverland.. The party never ends....If i am rotting away atleast I'm doinn it well.. maybe this pic above i took in hollywood 48 hours ago is how i'll look in 10 years.. but i'll have a fuckin shit load of stories to tell.. So grab a beer and pull up a seat.. i'll fill you in...!!!

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