Cold beers In newport baby...!!!!

WHy the fuck not...
Everyone is first to point the finger at L.A or america in general cause of it's over crowding and fuckin wild freeways, millions of people, border jumpers and cocaine runners . I love the joint, it's fuckin fast, wild and big.. everythings at your finger tips, waves might be shit and there are fuckwits just like anywhere but fuck that's life it keeps shit interesting..
Its fuckin that fun, yeh ya gotta tip but you don't even need to do shit you've constantly got some bitch with big old fake tits bendin over you toppin up your ice water while she's handin you ya breaky eggs on toast "sunny side up" asking how ya day is , unlike OZ where if you ask the bitch for "some tomato sauce" you'd swear you just asked her if she would like to tickle your balls.
Ya pay for what ya get and fuck me AMERICA is good.. Right now it's the same price to come to L.A and stay in a bangin hotel or fang to vegas , NY or where ever as it is to fuck off to bali and stay in a villa in seminyak and be annoyed by Ketut. Come check this fuckin place out, huge fake tits lambo's bentleys, cheap booze and if you're a single guy all ya gotta do is drop a "g'day mate" and tell them steve irwins ya cousin and next minute you've got some cougar ridin ya like a buckin bull from texas.. God bless america, i don't give a fuck if obama is president or Bush just keep the Booze and shit cheap and all is good baby.... WELCOME TO HOLLYWOOD BITCHES....

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