dan mcdonals at dms surfboards has got me shooting his adds for him recently, i chose to shoot them all on my dirty old vintage polaroid camera from about 1968. kinda usin the analogue style to shoot shit for a dude who can handshape anything from aleias to fishes, kick arse shortys and logs.. Does mental resin work and is open minded to make me any kinda fucked up bit of craft i suggest.. he just popped me out a 5'5 mini simmons twinny 22 wide by 3 thick and is currently bangin one out for dane reynolds for his arrival on the GC.. guys got mad fuckin skills.. if ya chasin a new craft or wild fish...check out
http://thecurvesurfstuff.blogspot.com/ and go find him...

some of the last coupla adds below..
new issue Add for SW

SW add

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  1. the DMS ad is a stand out, great image, bet dan loves it, i meet dan at the fish fry and the wooden boards day in currumbin, really like his work, great shaper, awesome tinter and a nice kiwi guy too, really like your blog mc, i see you are a fan of 'fishnlog.blogspot', i run that blog for roger hall as well as my personal surf blog 'slopgroveller.blogspot' which is linked to it, like what you do mate, great images, inspiring, keep it up