OPen up and say AHHH

I spent the majority of last week down in Torquay, the worlds driest or then wettest then coldest then windiest place i have the unfortunate privillage of venturing too.
Don't get me wrong there are some fuckin good humans i know that live there but fuck... You get shit phone reception when the wind blows a certain way down there "NO SHIT" it seams to be a stubby short of a six pack compared to most places in oZ and do you know what i got as a gift for 4 long dragged out dredded days in torquay to take on the plane with me. THE fuckin FLU... so right now as i sit here back on the sunny Gold Coast in 24+ degrees of pure fuckin joy and i have what feels like a fuckin BUNSEN BURNER in my throat and coughin up a lung like a 70 year old man with emphysema..Yep and i'm back next week for 7 whole days. Can't fuckin wait for that.!!

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