Saturday Night was an interesting one.
We went a little wild, a crazy little night with all the boys goin mad, 9 of us piled into this trashy old stretch limo and headed for good old gotham city, booze flowin like there was no tomorrow we were neckin shit like we were destined to ruin ourselves, on route to our surfers paradise haunt good old elsewhere.
All crammed in frothin to get as twisted as humanly posssible, just what we do best. After about 3000 jack and dry's , shots with people i hardly knew for no particular reason ....i was fuckin Gone... layin back on the couch in the middle of stinky surfers paradise i was thinkin "i'm fucked" it was almost time to exit , it was around 5 maybe 5-30am sunday mornin who knows. The last thing i do remember was these two fuckin 80's hair metal dudes seriously rockin this Mad get up, with pure pride. These guys were not fuckin around, no wigs, not dressed up for a fancy dress party, this was the fuckin REAL deal..They Looked like they'd jumped straight outta that shitty 80's band WASP it was the best shit i'd seen all night "apart from my mate pashin this chick for 3 hours with deadset pash rash" so i stopped them and said "oy boys pose for a pic.... Here it is..
In the camera setting it says 5.36am 23/8/09.

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