ridin the magic carpet through the jungle

I'm a lucky fuck...yep plain old spoilt bastard.. The people i work for are a fuckin great bunch of blokes..i recently was lucky enbough to fuck off to G-land for 7 days with our best surfers in the world , have Quik book the whole part of G-land out "2 camps we never ever used" but all of bobbys camp was, because they could...the boss's fuckin got barreled in front of the team riders and went mad.. pretty mental i bet to fuck your boss cannot get pitted.. Mine can..!! it was wild..
it was one of those wild p[arts in your life where u think "is this really happenin< choppers, 4 jetski's a crook little remote heli, more cameras than a fuckin hollywood blockbuster... shit went fuckin wild.. wait till this shits released...quite impressive shit... here's a coupla random pics.. not too many justa taste... till next time slizzo's....mc

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