stage 1 ..the birth of the my little vulture

I have always been one of those fuckers who can never have enough boards, i see somethin i think would be rad to ride and have it in my head that yep i have to have one. Then usually recruit Dan Mcdonald to bang one our for me.
Sometimes ride it a few times, get sick of it and put it in the rack in the garage and it will sit there for an endless amount of time till it changes color and then i find somethin else i like.
twinnies, quads, single fins, fish's, mini simmons, longboards..anything...
I figured it time to have a crack at tryin to whip out my own little beater, as soon as i mentioned it , Dan told me he'd have a blank for me the next day "i figure he is glad to show me how fuckin hard it is to try and hand shape somethin from a heap of shit chunk of foam into a whippy little pocket rocket and it is fuckin hard" So last night i kicked off stage 1.. tenz came down and banged off a few snaps of us at work... Dan had to help me out along the way it's a fuckin hard task tryin not to fuck it up.. i'll bang some more pics up next week when we finish her off..
here she is the birth of my Evil little vulture...

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