Alleys fish fried

nothin nicer than gettin pissed on in the rain with a white tee shirt on, nipples errect , shiverin like a 2 year old kid tryin to wonder around and check out 40 or so old fuckers showin off the twinnys , quads, bonza's, mini simmons and spoons..
I packed the old polaroid and snapped a few pics below...
the poor fuckers who run the alley fish fry got pissed on all mornin the poor bastards.
it had potential to be a bangin day for a whole bunch of old fuckers who grind foam dust all day long makin wackey fuckin things they make up in their minds after 20 or so years of acid and weed oh and also 75% of the gold coast's alex knost wanna be's..
anyway..let it rain let it rain let it rain..!!!
till next year ya old bastards.!!!

pic courtesy Johhny Frank....iluka

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